OpenIAB - Open In-App Billing

Uploading Android apps to all the existing Android appstores is a painful process and the AppDF project was designed to make it easier. But what is even more difficult for developers is supporting different in-purchase APIs of different appstores. There are five different In-App Purchase APIs already and this number is increasing. We are going to create an open-source library that will wrap appstore in-app purchase APIs of all the stores and provide an easy way for the developers to develop their apps/games in such a way that one APK will work in all the stores and automatically use the right in-app purchase API under each store. We will also develop an open in-app billing API that stores could implement to support all the built APK files using this library.

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How OpenIAB Works
  1. An Android app developer integrates the OpenIAB library into his/her Android code.
  2. An Android app developer implements in-app purchases using OpenIAB API (which is very close to Google Play IAB API, meaning only a few changes in the source code are needed).
  3. OpenIAB Lib detects which appstore installed the app.
  4. OpenIAB Lib redirects in-app purchase calls to the corresponding appstore IAB API (OpenIAB Lib wraps the IAB APIs of several appstores).
  5. All In-App Billing logic is handled by the corresponding appstore. OpenIAB has no code to process in-app purchases and has no UI: it just wraps In-App Billing APIs of different stores in one library.

Current Status

We have just started. We are creating a sample game that supports in-app billing of all existing appstores that support in-app purchasing. At the same time, we are designing an Open In-App Billing API that appstores can use to easily integrate in-app billing functionality.

No Middle Man

OpenIAB is an open-source library that wraps the already existing IAB APIs as well as an open API that appstores could implement. It is important to understand that all payments are processed directly by each store and there is no a middle man standing between the app developers and the appstores. OpenIAB will not do payments for the appstores. It is just an API enabling the apps to communicate with appstores in order to request in-app billing. It means there is a common open API that all the appstores can use – instead of each new store implementing their own API and developers having to integrate all these different APIs in their apps.


The following Android application stores already support in-app billing:

We are working on integrating their IAB APIs into one OpenIAB library.

Get Involved

The source code of the OpenIAB library and the samples are available under the terms of the Apache License, Version 2.0:

The OpenIAB API specification and the related texts are available under the terms of the Creative Commons Attribution 2.5 license: